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Business Case

Air France-KLM

The Challenge

The airline industry is an ever growing industry that has quickly shifted from an offline to an online environment over the course of the past couple of years. Consumers are constantly demanding better online service and the competition is high. But it’s not just the B2C market that offers valuable online opportunities. Apart from the fact that a large portion of all flights is business related, collaborations between airlines and other service-orientated corporations are pushing airlines to amp up their online presence in a B2B environment too. Air France-KLM realized that in order to grow, the needed to grow online.

The Solution

For Air France-KLM, the main priority was enabling their small team of hunters to benefit from the in-house marketing activities. Modern Selling is all about the right content. For airlines, there often is an abundance of great content available, the secret lies in knowing what content is right and how to use it to your advantage. We helped the sales team collaborate with their marketing department, finding the right content and using it to establish a credible online professional brand.



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The course has given us all confidence in our individual external branding and has taught us the value of ourselves as individual assets. Social Selling is personal, it's not just about a product but about us as individuals and how we build a message. Our coach was patient, supportive and very knowledgeable. Thanks Tricycle!

SMB Business Development Coordinator

Sales Navigator is a great tool to prospect new clients. Something that, up to this point, I could have never imagined!

SMB Business Development Coordinator

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