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Business Case


The Challenge

Due to an important shift in their sales strategy, the need for building the right relationships with business decision makers became more important than ever for Microsoft’s sales team. The company found that their consumer base was highly active on social and looking to interact with their brand online.

Once they grasped the scope of possibilities online, Microsoft started looking for ways to harvest this power and make it applicable to a B2B environment, enabling them to reach business decision makers directly and with lasting results. Implementing a Modern Selling Program helped to achieve these goals in a highly successful manner.

The Solution

With Microsoft, the main objective is to create a universal understanding of, and ability to work with a set of tools that would enable their sellers to tap into the benefits of social selling. The challenge lies in Microsoft’s organizational structure, which divides the company into several locally governed regions. Bringing together these regions, that all have their own culture, language and norms, proposed an interesting challenge which we willingly accepted.

We build Microsoft a made-measure program with a tailored structure for every separate region and its operational teams. The program was enrolled globally and has served over 10.000 Microsoft employees to date. The program included several types of coaching sessions in multiple languages, a full program infrastructure to facilitate all communications and content sharing, constant monitoring of the results and impact of the program as a whole.



Boost in sales productivity


More connections with decision makers


More opportunities


More revenue on average


At Microsoft, Tricycle Europe helped me make giant steps forward with my online image, “Social Selling”, and leveraging my network to establish new high-level relationships. The coaches helped me dramatically improve my social media brand in a way that activated my network with thousands of views, hundreds of positive comments/shares, and new connections that produced real results. They also gave me ideas on how to enhance my content and make it compelling, relevant, and targeted. They helped me make my content and profile “go viral” and if you'd like the same results, I truly recommend Tricycle Europe to help you digitally transform yourself and your team!

Digital Architect

Julia is my social selling coach from Tricycle Europe. I was very skeptical initially when the coaching was offered to me, however after three sessions I was completely blown away with the value her coaching provided to me. I would recommend anyone interested  in social selling to work with her. You will not be disappointed, on the contrary you will get great value for your time!

Data Privacy, Data Protection and Security Lead – Global Accounts

Social Selling has enabled me to find new contacts through the prospect finder, and it helps me notify customers of a change within the enterprise, even though i’m not connected to him/her. I can easily find out what a contact’s interests are, and thus I’m able to give a better introduction. When a prospect is posting information about your competitor’s solution, we can address this formally or informally when meeting with the customer.​

Microsoft Account Executive

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